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Showcasing ShadowBid on ProjectUX

ProjectUX Show ShadowBid

This was a few years ago, but the experience is worth mentioning. ProjectUX had a wonderful team of people that pulled together the production, startups (including ShadowBid), and the bright and insightful judges: Chris Chandler, Jill DaSilva, and Lynn Boyden.

Here is the story. I had only joined ShadowBid a few months prior, and was working to develop the Chrome Extension for the beta release. When Wes Hansen, ShadowBid’s CEO, called me early one week.

“Hey man.” Classic Wes.

“We could get some exposure being on a youtube show for UX (User Experience)”, Wes mentioned.

“That’d be great! In a few weeks, we will be ready to show some basic user stories on the extension”, I replied.

“So, they are filming the episode on Friday. And Futch and I are already booked,” returned Wes.

Within a few minutes of conversation, we had decided I would showcase the Mobile app, which I hadn’t done any development on 😬, and I had no idea how much design and user testing had gone into the development process.

So, even though I was a technical founder, it was time to get schooled in the world of design and UX.

Here is the result.

UX Web show: Startup design review | UX Vault Episode 6

Originally posted 2020-04-22 10:01:11.

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